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All You Need to Know about Betway

When it comes to online gambling, there is hardly a bookmaker on the Nigerian market able to beat Betway. The company emerged in 2006 and has experienced a series of ups and downs within the past 14 years of operation. Dozens of sports markets, endless opportunities for sports betting, and casino gameplay, as well as the live streaming and live betting features, make the operator so appealing to Nigerians. Want to know more about how the Betway online betting platform differs from the competitors? Read our review further to clarify all doubts and start your registration process. 


Betway Now in Nigeria Too – Guide

Betway Nigeria: Background Information 

The official year of Betway emergence is 2006, and its introduction to the Nigerian market dates back to 2012. With 24 betting markets to choose from, Betway com ng is a strong competitor in the top-tier sports gambling niche. Besides a functional and intuitive website and mobile app, Betway provides a realm of opportunities for bettors, including the in-play betting feature, multi-channel customer support, and availability in multiple languages. Besides, Betway is quite a popular platform with active PR presence and participation in international sports events. For instance, it has recently become one of the official sponsors of the English Premier League. So, we can expect pretty much from such a dynamic company investing in its reputation and expanding the outreach to customers. 

This Betway review examines the menu of sports betting and casino activities that the bookie offers, explains how to bet on Betway, and clarifies the financial side of working with this platform. Stay tuned to get a complete guide on using Betway for making your gambling activities ways more enjoyable. No matter whether you have your favorite football league or are a dedicated fan of tennis, you’ll always find an event suiting your interests here. 

Services Available in the Betway Menu 

Those wondering how to bet in Betway should first take a quick tour around the bookie’s menu as it contains all the essential services and options on offer on-site. In the sports section, you’ll find all kinds of sports events to bet on. Search far and wide among the numerous sports markets, filter your preferences by the type of sport and the country, and make bets the way your gut feeling suggests. 

The Casino section has all the gambling activities and games that Betway provides to clients wishing to take a breath and have some rest from sports bets. In the Live and Real area, you’re exposed to all the fun of in-game live betting and live streaming. The Esports section, as the name suggests, presents the virtual sports matches on which can also place bets. The Vegas area welcomes you to the live dealer games. 

As you can see, the variety of offers on Betway result in the bookie’s immense popularity among the gamblers. Here, you can find any entertainment you can only think of and play safely and confidentially. 

What Does the Betway Casino Offer? 

Betway in Nigeria, as well as in most other countries where it operates, offers a great casino section to its clients. The gamblers may enjoy dozens of thrilling games, such as slots, live dealer games, card games, and even Betway bingo. What’s more, the bookie has decided to make your acquaintance with the casino twice as pleasant by adding a 100% match bonus on any first deposit (up to a sum equaling $250 in the national currency). This, as soon as you decide to spin the reels or take a round or two in poker, you may get a double of your deposit for all the gambling fun. 

Betway Betting Exchange: The User Guide 

While most bettors are used to a traditional model in which they register with bookmakers, bet on their favorite sports, and wait for the outcomes to be revealed, Betway works in a bit different format. It’s more of a betting exchange than a traditional bookie. 


The main difference is in who you compete against. In the traditional sports betting model, your opponent is the bookie who determines the odds and thus shapes the size of winnings you can get if your prediction is correct. At a betting exchange like Betway, bettors compete with one another, and depending on how many bettors place wagers on specific outcomes of the upcoming event, the odds and stake ratios are shaped. The system is more decentralized than a typical bookie, allowing the odds to be determined by the bettors’ behavior, not the bookie’s discretion, thus making the overall betting system fairer and more transparent. 

How to Bet on Betway Online? 

To start making bets on Betway, you first need to go through the process of registration, which won’t take long. Once you enter the website, you’ll see the “Register” tab in the top right corner. By clicking it, you’ll be redirected to the registration form in which you’ll need to provide the following details: 

1. Personal Details (like your name, last name, and title) 

2. Your date of birth 

3.  Account information (a unique password, username, and an email for the confirmation of registration)

4. Contact details (such as your ZIP code, physical address, mobile phone number) 

5. Financial limit preferences (here you can indicate the maximum sum you may spend a day, a week, and a month to set self-limitations) 

6. Select the preferred language of the interface 

7. Choose the currency in which you want to conduct all financial transactions. 

After this information is provided, you should tick the box to confirm that you are 18+ years old and that you have studied the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Verification Policy of the bookie carefully, agreeing to all conditions set out in those documents. Finally, you’ll be offered to sign up for the regular promos and updates via SMS notifications, emails, or post. You may choose any of these methods or tick all of them to be always informed about exclusive deals and offers from the company. 

Once you’re a registered client, it’s high time to start betting. But this may be done only after you deposit some funds to the account. Here’s how this may be done. 

Overview of Betway Payment Methods

At present, the payment methods Betway supports are not numerous, but they are all safe and verified, such as Neteller, PayPal, and Visa/Mastercard cards. The availability of Betway PayPal is already a good sign of the provider’s credibility as PayPal is an internationally recognized payment system with stringent security standards. Thus, working with Betway seems to be a good idea, especially taking into account the number of fraudulent, scam companies in the sports betting market. 

How to Win Betway Jackpot? 

Besides appealing bonuses that the bookie currently has on offer, the Betway Nigeria jackpot is an additional serious criterion speaking in favor of choosing this company. Just think of it: numerous slots available in the casino section of the bookie’s menu offer huge, unthinkable progressive jackpots that can change your life forever. How to play Betway jackpot? It’s effortless – just credit your balance with some cash and test your luck in the casino. Make sure to check the Betway jackpot rules first; it’s the essential precondition for receiving exactly what you want from the gameplay and avoiding any confusion or disenchantment. 



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