Bet9ja Bonus Terms and Conditions Explained

Bet9ja Bonus Terms and Conditions

Heard about the Bet9ja bonus? Sure, you have! And we are sure you’re itching to get your hands on it. You could be making your first bets on the events you’ve been waiting for with double any funds you add for the first time. Apart from the Bet9ja sign up bonus, there are a few other bonus offers and gifts that are yours when you choose to get your sports betting fix with one of the largest and most trusted bookmakers in South Africa.


Welcome 100% Bonus on Ng

First up, to rest assured you are on the right track, you’ll have to stay within the bonus terms of the Bet9ja bonus rules. We are talking about the welcome offer, one that is exclusively for newcomers to the site. First of all, an account is needed, opening it by visiting the official website. Click ‘Registration’ in the drop-down menu and fill out the registration form. From here, the only new thing you’ll have to do is verify your email, which is your ticket into full access of all betting markets and events. You will have access to markets, but to start making wagers, you’ll have to add some funds to your account. Another thing to keep in mind to stay within the rules and get the full worth of your bet is that you must use your bonus credit betting on events at least five times the amount of your deposit. Your first bets must be on bets with odds of 1.8 or higher, so make sure that you pay attention to stake the full before making wagers for your first time with the welcome bonus.

Bet9ja Bonus 2020 in Nigeria

Now that you have an account, you’re probably wondering, “how do I get my Bet9ja bonus code?” For your Bet9ja bonus on first deposit, you won’t need a code; you’ll just need to add some funds. It can be done using one of the accepted payment methods. We have listed them below, along with their min and max required amounts.

Payment Method Minimum Maximum Accept Withdrawal Fees
Visa N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
Mastercard N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
GTPay N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
Bank Account N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
ATM N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
Verve N100 N1,000,000 Yes No

What is the Bet9ja welcome bonus? It is a way for the betting site to say thank you for sign up, plus help you get familiar with the sports betting process. After you create your access pass and are ready to start betting in events you’ve been following, the operator will match your first deposit 100%. You must add no less than 100 Naira, and you can go all the way to bonus up to 100,000 Naira. Think about it as making your first bet with double the bankroll, upping the ante, and enjoying the opportunity to make bigger bets that could score you more massive amounts to withdraw your winnings. 

How to Bet with Bonus on Bet9ja

You have your account and your bonus credit, so now on to the more important question, how to use the Bet9ja bonus? To use your bonus cash, you get to have some fun on the site first. Search for events that are up and coming or happening today, taking a stroll through different sports like football, soccer, and basketball. You can even try your luck on one of the newest trends to hit sports betting, e-sports. Watch as virtual teams go head to head competing for the win.

When it comes to bets with odds, the site requires that you use your bonus cash on multiple bets bonus with odds of 1.8 minimum. To make sure that you’re correctly betting and staying within the limits of the terms and conditions, be sure to take a glance at the odds of each event. They are usually displayed to the right of the team’s name in each event, making it easier for you to browse.


How to Withdrawal Bet9ja Bonus Winnings

Once you know how to get a bonus on Bet9ja and have taken a walk around the site, you’re well on your way to grow your bankroll. If you have racked up cash and anxiously await a way to get it in hand, you’ll first have to verify your info as part of the Bet9ja bonus withdrawal policy, one put in place to keep your account out of harm’s way. To start the process, have a valid ID, a utility bill, and a bank statement ready to go. You can scan these and send them over to Bet9ja customer support for account verification.

Now that your account is verified, access to the green you racked up is a piece of cake. Most popular payment methods are available within three business days, and most cryptocurrencies credit your account instantly. You have the choice to take out as much as you want, but keep in mind that at least 200 Naira is needed to bet on events.

How to Get a Bonus Code in Bet9ja

Wondering how to get the Bet9ja bonus code? You can take a walk around the web searching around affiliate sites that might have some tricks up their sleeves, or you can head on over to the home page. On the Bet9ja home page, offers, promos, and codes are all displayed and guaranteed to work, coming directly from the company. If you’ve already used up your welcome offer and are on the search for other bonus codes, the home page is where to get them.

Other bonuses come with the same answer to the question, “how to get my Bet9ja bonus code?” You’ll simply have to put wagers on multiple events, participate in a tournament, or lose some cash to enjoy a few of the other bonuses the site has to offer. It is an excellent option for players who like to take a little risk, placing their bets in different markets and making off the wall bets to try and score more cash. It is part of Bet9ja’s the bet ja bonus options, helping players keep their bankroll fat and happy, avoiding drying out. As part of the bonus plan, a percentage of any losses that are accumulated while making multiple bets is placed back into the account where they can use them again on upcoming events.

While you might get lucky and get the bonus codes around the web, the most accurate and guaranteed are those on-site on the home page. Bet9ja is one of the leading names in sports wagering, and they are always trying to keep ahead of the competition. So, be sure to keep a lookout for new promos and exclusive offers for Bet9ja’s most loyal sports lovers that can be used on this year’s most anticipated sports events.



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