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Merrybet Mobile in Nigeria

Merrybet is a popular bookmaker in Nigeria. It was founded in 2013 and operates with a license from the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB). While one downside is a lack of big bonuses, it offers a wide range of sports betting markets for the residents of Nigeria, besides offering cashback and cashout features. Another facility it provides for the bettor is the bookie’s accessibility through multiple platforms. Apart from the extensive website for the PC, it also offers a mobile compatible website. And for old mobile users, it also has a separate light version of the mobile site. Let’s examine how Merrybet performs in the mobile world.


New Mobile Website Version – Screenshot
Brand New Version of the Website –

Merrybet Mobile App

Strictly speaking, Merrybet does not provide a mobile app. Instead, it has a mobile website, i.e., a site customized to be conveniently accessed using a mobile device. Hence, there is no need to download the Merrybet app or look for a Merrybet apk file or anything. The mobile website is of two different versions. One is suitable to be used with smartphones while the other one is compatible with the old models of mobile phones, which can’t display the Merrybet new mobile site appropriately. 

When you type the URL of the Merrybet official site on your mobile device’s browser, it displays the icons of three options, namely ‘Smartphone and Tablet,’ ‘Lite Mobile,’ and ‘PC.’ The first one will take you to the new mobile site. If you are using the latest smartphone, you can tap the option. If you are using an old mobile phone, you can tap the Lite Mobile icon. And if you want to access the full-fledged PC site, you may tap the third icon. Alternatively, when using your PC, you can go to the web location from which you get access to the www Merrybet com mobile platform by clicking the ‘Mobile’ link at the bottom of the page. As it is a website and not an app, it can be easily accessed from both Android and iPhone devices using their default browsers without the need for a separate app on different operating systems. Let’s see the features of various mobile options below.

Merrybet New Mobile site

The Merrybet mobile platform also follows the orange and black color scheme as the desktop website does. The home page of the mobile site welcomes you with three lists, namely ‘Live events,’ ‘Trending bets,’ and ‘Upcoming.’ You can see all relevant information like the league, teams, timings of the matches, and odds for various outcomes. You may click on the odds and place a bet. Your selections will be reflected on the bet slip, which you can see on the right half of the top bar of the screen. If you are looking for any other events not listed in the three lists, you may click on the ‘Sports’ button provided on the top bar in its left half. 

Clicking the ‘Sports’ button will display a list of all available events in the sportsbook. Also, a number is found next to each entry, telling you how many variants are available for betting within that event. A shortlist labeled ‘Trending Leagues’ is displayed. You may choose your favorite sport from the complete long list or the short trending list and further drill down to see the list of leagues or tournaments and the matches played. In the matches list, you can see various odds mentioned for the different outcomes. By clicking on the odds, you may place the bets.

The top bar of the mobile Merrybet has four icons.

  1. Main menu icon. Clicking on this opens an extensive menu with quick links that can link you to almost any function or section of the site. Here you’ll find event lists, live streaming, Virtual sports, Bet slip, Payouts, Deposit, Odds browser, History, FAQ, Rules, Settings, and more. 
  2. Sports button. Clicking this icon will display a list of all sports events available with the number of matches mentioned against each item. It can take you to a world of betting of the corresponding sport.
  3. Bet slip. Next to the Sports button of the new mobile Merrybet interface is the bet slip. Clicking on it will expand it to fill the page showing complete information of the slip according to your selections. Standard bets and System bets can be chosen. Your selections, stakes, winning amounts, etc. are displayed on the slip. You can book the bet using the Book-A-Bet button or complete the bet by using the Place Bet button.
  4. Profile icon. Clicking this icon will open the register and login options. You can click the Register button to create an account or type in the username and password and click the “Log In” button to log in to the site.


Merrybet Old Mobile site

As in the case of the new mobile site, you don’t need to download the Merrybet app or any program to access the Merrybet services on an old mobile phone, either. Instead, you can simply click on the ‘Lite Mobile’ icon appearing on the home page on your mobile screen. You will be taken to a page with a much simpler design and with a comfortable layout. The orange color scheme is maintained in the Merrybet com old mobile platform, too. 

The home page of the Merrybet com old mobile platform displays a laconic menu with all necessary links. It is mostly text in convenient boxes instead of flashy graphics so that any version of the mobile phone can handle it. The main menu items on display are:

  • Login
  • Sign up
  • Change platform
  • Search
  • Live betting
  • Upcoming
  • Sports
  • Check bet slip
  • Deposits
  • Payouts
  • Contact us
  • Help 

With these links, all necessary functions can be accessed. Clicking on any of the links will open the corresponding page, which is also of simple design consisting mostly of text in boxes and no heavy graphic elements. Nevertheless, the layout is sufficient to use all functions of Merrybet for a user with an old model of a mobile gadget. The Sports button will open all sports items for you from where you can drill down more to find your favorite match and place a bet. If you click the Soccer option under the Sports section, you will be instantly taken to the Merrybet old mobile soccer page.  All that you can do with the new Merrybet com mobile site can also be done on the old mobile site. 

Merrybet mobile bonus

When it comes to gifts, the same rules apply to the mobile version betting as in the desktop version. As in the desktop version, there is no welcome bonus for new customers. However, you can benefit from the cashback offer and the cashout feature.

Merrybet mobile security

When you think of security, you may be worried if the mobile site provides the same security for transactions and data, as is promised in the computer version site. There is no need for concern in this matter as the same security technology applies for the Merrybet com mobile page versions. All transactions and data are secured on Merrybet using advanced SSL encryption methods. Hence, the same quality and level must be expected on the bookie’s mobile sites, too.

Merrybet Desktop version vs. Merrybet Mobile Page

Whether you use the Merrybet com computer version or any of the two mobile versions, you will be able to find and use almost every function provided by Merrybet. You may make deposits and receive payouts and withdrawals, browse the markets and place bets, check advanced features like live betting, live streaming, and virtual sports. The only difference is in the layout. One major exception in the features is that you cannot find the Lucky 6 lottery game on the old mobile version. It is a lottery game available on Merrybet and is the closest it gets to a casino. The design and layout are made different to make the thing compatible with the corresponding devices. You cannot view the Merrybet desktop version on the old mobile because of the difference in screen sizes and the advanced graphics. The old Merrybet mobile version is designed to be compatible with the screen size, graphics capabilities, and various other parameters of the old mobile devices. Similarly, the new mobile version is designed to be compatible with more modern smartphones and tablet devices. 

A Wrap-Up 

Merrybet provides mobile platforms for users of advanced smartphones as well as old models of mobile phones. It contains almost all features that are available on the Merrybet com desktop version. The default mobile version is for the newer smartphone/tablet users while the Merrybet com old mobile page is for the users with older phones. Whether you use the new Merrybet com mobile old mobile or the PC site, you can access all features and functions of Merrybet without any hassle. Care is given to the design to make sure every user must be able to use the mobile page Merrybet with the least inconvenience. Every function can be easily accessed using the judiciously positioned tabs and easily discoverable quick links. It must be said the mobile endeavor by Merrybet has been a success and also a boon to the bettor on the move. Moreover, since there is no app or apk file to download, anyone can easily access the service using the browser on their phone. 



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