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Merrybet Promo Code and Bonus Features

Merrybet is a popular bookmaker among Nigerian residents. It was founded in 2013 and operated under a license from the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB). Its strengths are a wide range of sports betting markets, including football and all major sports, excellent customer support, and fast payouts. It encourages anyone to become an agent who can function as the operator for an offline Merrybet shop. However, there are not many Merrybet Bonuses or promos available, when compared with other bookmakers. There is no casino option for Merrybet. Hence, the scope for any bonus in that direction is also nil. Here, let’s see what all promos and offers are extended by Merrybet to its customers, along with its codes, and what benefits one can gain from using them.


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Is there a Merrybet deposit Bonus?

Unlike many bookmakers, unfortunately, Merrybet does not offer a welcome bonus to its new customers. It is usually provided when you register a new betting account and make the first deposit into your account through a bank transfer or any other available payment method. For the existing customers also, there are fewer Merrybet promotions compared to other bookmakers. Such a lack usually turns out to be a discouraging factor to many bettors. But even though there is no Merrybet welcome bonus, it is not totally devoid of offers. There are a bunch of beneficial features offered by Merrybet, and some are quite different from the usual promos available in other companies. There is a cashout facility, too. Let’s see some of its features below.

Merrybet Cash Back Promo

It is one of the features Merrybet customers can benefit from, given the absence of Merrybet welcome bonus or any other significant bonuses. It is a multiple bets bonus, i.e., it is only applicable for accumulator bets. And you need a promo code to make use of it. The idea of the promo is to compensate some of your betting amounts in case you lose the bet. More information and terms and conditions of the Merrybet cashback promo are given below.

Terms and Conditions of the Merrybet Cashback Promo

Here are the basic terms, conditions, and additional information on the cashback promo.

  • The amount of cash back available is 5% of the stake.
  • The minimum stake is required to be N200.
  • The cashback Merrybet bonus feature is only available when you make an accumulator bet with at least 5 games, with each of them having odds of 1.5 or higher.
  • The cash is provided if you lose the accumulator bet only by one game.
  • The cashback works with a Merrybet promo code.
  • For online users, the bonus code can be seen on the bet slip, which can be accessed by going to the History section.
  • For offline users, the code can be seen on the physical bet slip. 
  • The validity of the code is 24 hours. 


Merrybet Cashout feature

When there are few chances to win anything significant by way of Merrybet deposit bonus or other promotions, you might want to reduce your losses at least. Similar to the cashback feature, the cashout feature helps you win back the money you spent, too. Cashout is a feature in which you can take back part of your bet amount when the game is still not over. The percentage amount you get back will depend on the time remaining in the game, and the current status of the scores and such other factors. Hence, the amount received can be lower or higher than your stake. There are partial as well as full cashout options available. 

  • Full cashout. Full cashout doesn’t mean you can cash out the total amount that you staked. It merely means you can cash out the full amount minus the bookie’s commission. The amount available for cashout will be displayed. In case a full cashout is available, the ‘Full Cashout’ button will be active. Clicking on it, you can take the entire amount available for cashout as per the bonus terms.
  • Partial cashout. This cashout option means that you wish to take only a part of the total cashout bonus credit available even though you are allowed to withdraw your full displayed amount. You should indicate the amount you wish to cash out and click the ‘Partial Cashout’ button.

Friend referral bonus

If there were a Merrybet deposit bonus, the new customers would have benefitted to some extent when they make their initial deposit. However, as such a thing is absent, one must be contented with the possibility of deriving some benefit from referring a friend. Merrybet provides the friend referral benefit to those who refer new customers to it. In this promotion, if your friend loses the bet, half of the money will be rewarded to you. In other words, you get a bonus up to 50%. There is no Merrybet promo code required here. Your job is only to refer a friend and give them your unique link.


Where can I get the bonus code for Merrybet?
On what kind of bets are the cashout feature available?
Are there any free bets available at Merrybet?


The absence of a Merrybet deposit bonus is a discouraging factor for new customers. For the existing customers as well, there are no great bonus features like the bet ja bonus or anything. Hence, whatever little available anytime is precious, and the major thing to look forward is the Merrybet cashback offer. It is considered the most appealing offer from Merrybet and is perhaps the only offer requiring a code. Then there is the Cashout feature that you can make use of to reduce your losses if your favorite team seems to be losing. Partial as well as full cashout facilities are available, bound by specific terms and conditions. Overall, Merrybet bonuses and promos are scarce, unlike at other bookmakers. A wide range of markets, including advanced live sports and virtual betting options, fast payouts, and prompt customer support, are all positive features of Merrybet. However, in the realm of bonuses and promotions, there is a broad scope for Merrybet to improve.


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