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In the cyber world today, there are so many options for gaming that it may be challenging to come by one that seems to have everything. Maybe some are missing a thing or two, or others just quite don’t feature all the things you were hoping for. Well, we are happy to say that we have finally found the one; the one you’ve been looking for. We are talking about none other than the bet9ja online betting site, a comprehensive online casino/sportsbook that has risen in popularity all over South Africa with the most significant growth in Nigeria. They hold a license from Lagos State Lotteries Board, making it 100% legal for Nigeria players to participate in both sports matches and live dealer games. At first glance, bet9ja Nigeria sport betting may seem like your average sports wagering platform, but it is anything but ordinary. 


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The old bet9ja com came to life in 2013, where it immediately began to make a name for itself. Made with cutting edge technology and programming tools typically used on larger sites and more well-known markets like Europe, this casino is at the top of the game. More and more players have chosen this great example of betting sites, especially since Nigeria’s second-tier soccer league sponsors them. In our review, we will take an in-depth look at the website, showing what sets it apart from others of its kind. We will also end with some of the offers that you can take advantage of for choosing to get your gaming fix with the online gambling site. 

First off, let’s take a look at how to register for those who are not yet part of the growing team. You will first need to take a visit to bet9ja home, scrolling over to register and fill out a quick form. Once they have your info, they will send an email to the email address provided where you can follow the link for quick verification. Once you’re in and you get a chance to use your login the first time, you’re set. You now have access to sports betting markets of all kinds and can take your pick on where you want to place your money. As a newcomer, you are welcomed warmly by the website with some bonus credit to use on your first bets. It comes in the form of a match on the first funds you add to your account. Anything up to 100,000 Naira will be added, giving you a shot to play with double what you came with. The terms and conditions require that you make wagers on bets with minimum odds of 1.8 or larger and make wagers five times the amount of your first deposit. Next, we will take a look at how you can fund your account and take out your winnings from Bet9ja. 

What Are Bet9ja Payment Methods Currently Available?

Once you create your account, you’re ready to make your first bet9ja booking bet. Of course, to put money on matches and to receive your Bet9ja welcome bonus, you have to have money in your account. Honestly, just about any method you can think of is offered, from bank transfers to the newest cryptocurrencies and E-wallets. To fund your account, just visit your account home page and click through the proper steps entering the amount you would like to deposit. All deposits made on the bet9ja shop betting site are available for bets in seconds, so you can add them as a newcomer or later on when you just can’t pass up on a bet that is sure to turn out in your favor. We have listed the most popular payment methods below, plus their min and max amount requirements. 

Payment Method Minimum Maximum Accept Withdrawal Fees
Visa N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
Mastercard N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
GTPay N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
Bank Account N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
ATM N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
Verve N100 N1,000,000 Yes No

On bet9ja shop bet com, you will find almost all the same methods available for withdrawal as well. As far as withdrawal processing times are concerned, Bet9ja doesn’t seem to have any complaints about ridiculously long wait times, keeping them standard at around 3 business days for most payment alternatives. Cryptocurrencies are automatic, and so are E-wallets for those wanting direct access to their cash. What about the steps to withdraw the funds? There are some preliminary steps to take for making withdrawals run smoother, but these are pretty standard and are usually required by all online casinos. We are talking about account verification and, in our opinion, the sooner you start, the better. 

The sports bet9ja com account verification process will require you to send in a scanned copy of a valid ID, a utility bill of some sort to verify your address, and a current bank statement. Once you have these documents gathered up and scanned, send them in to start the process, which should take no longer than one week. If you’ve gotten lucky your first-time making bets, we know you’re probably biting your nails and anxious for your cash, but this is a one-time precautionary thing, so take a deep breath and keep on racking up your wins!

If, for any reason, you’re having trouble with verification, you can always give customer support a shout. They don’t make it difficult, sharing a live chat, phone number, email, and also social media accounts with members. Each method checks out and will get you’re the answers and solutions you’re looking for in no time. 

How to Play Bet9ja? A Quick How-to Guide 

Once you are part of the bet9ja official website, you will have access to all platforms, including the two types of mobile versions of the website and mobile app offered by the sports betting site. Once you’re good and ready to start making bets, the hardest part might be choosing which events to put your money on. You can browse the league matches, tournaments, and even search by the team for all your favorite sports markets like basketball, football league, and of course, soccer. Beside the match you’ve chosen, you will see a set of numbers that represent the odds for that match. While the most popular sport on bet9ja online booking today is soccer, we were sad to discover that the odds are on the lower side. There fall around 1.04 to 1.05, comparatively low when shopping around. We also found that the best odds and your best bet are actually in hockey, with odds around 1.14. 

Even the old bet9ja website came with a mobile version that was much more organized than the desktop version. It is still the case, but even the mobile site has gotten a few upgrades. When it comes to the old bet9ja com booking, its mobile version is now offered in a lite version, one that provides gamers with a more organized setup that’s much more comfortable to handle. It can be overwhelming sometimes to try and find events you’ve been waiting for, especially when they are displayed all over the page, and you’re not sure what you’re looking for. If it is your first time using a platform like this, it is highly recommended to try the mobile lite version to keep you from getting burned out your first few times making wagers in the betting site. 


A Glance at Exclusive Opportunities: Bet9ja VIP

It pays to stay in bet9ja Nigeria shop betting. If you are a sports fanatic, a way to guarantee that you’ll win at least five matches a week is with the VIP program, which pays players the more bets they make. They are added up every weekday except Mondays, so keep that in mind. The more you bet on odds between 1.50 and 2, the more the site guarantees that you’ll win. For example, with 1.50 – 1.80 odds a day, you’re guaranteed to win a minimum of 27 times. Take it up to 10 odds, and you’re guaranteed to hit at least 20 times per month. It is an amazing offer that gives the site and sizeable overall return of investment to keep the gamer’s money fluctuating and growing. 

Apart from the bet9ja Nigeria shop for VIP players, there is a massive jackpot that all players are welcome to. These jackpots come in different sizes depending on the number of events you’re betting on. The Bet9ja Nigeria betting jackpot is also known as the Super9ja, and it is a chance to guess the final and correct scores of six total events. Anyone gaming on the site is welcome to take a guess and, the best part is, the jackpot is paid out to the top 10 players that guess the closest score. This offer, in combination with the new bet9ja website, has players raving and on the hunt for other bonuses. Apart from these, you can take a look at the other offers and bonuses, like the odd increaser promo that ups the odds on random events to make them more attractive for bettors. The bookmakers bet bonus that rewards you for betting outside of your comfort zone and breaching into other markets you don’t usually place your bets on is also attractive.

Get A Commission from Your Bookie

Last but not least, among the offers for you and unique aspects of the betting site is the opportunity to become an agent. If you are all about sports and are always gabbing with your friends about the outcome and odds of up and coming events, you might want to put your gift to work for you and start earning some real money. You can use the bet9ja commission calculator to see just how much you will get in your pocket with each customer that you bring to the site to try their luck on events. The more customers you bring in and the more they bet and spin, the more commission you can expect in your hands. Because of the need to know the lingo and how things in the world of sports betting unfold, this is probably not something you want to do if you’re new to sports betting, but those who are seasoned can take their betting to the next level, working as the bookmaker all on their own time. 

A Final Touch: Bet9ja Shop Tips 

For Nigerian players, the most critical question is, “how to win bet9ja zoom?” This is one of the most important leagues and you’re surely wondering what the experts are saying about placing your money on matches in this league. To find out how to win bet9ja league, the best thing to do is to take a look at websites that feature bet9ja league predictions like johnny bet and shop bet9ja. These websites take all things into account before releasing predictions, giving you some solid info to base your bets on. Because of the growing market of sports betting, you can find predictions for practically any matches, especially those that are highly anticipated. Remember, no bet is 100% guaranteed, especially when you’re taking a chance in live events. 

You also may be wondering how to win spin and win in bet9ja. It is a player’s favorite, where you have the chance to bet on things like colors or multipliers. The wheel then spins, paying out whenever it lands where you placed your prediction for the outcome. It is just another thing that adds to the site’s several features that keep gamers coming back for more. 



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